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The Sam Houston State University Alumni Association was searching the greater Houston area to host an alumni Happy Hour when we were contacted by SHSU alumni Chris and Debbie Tritico ( ‘83 & ‘84). Chris and Debbie were interested in having the Alumni Association host a Networking Reception at The Grand Texana. From a high-level overview I can tell you the facilities were fabulous and the flow of communication from my office to The Grand Texana staff was efficient and seamless. My staff was very excited to work with everyone involved from venue staff, to catering, to decorations, etc. The entire evening went off without a hitch. Everyone who attended had a wonderful evening and Chris and Debbie have done a fantastic job preparing the venue for all types of events and activities. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to have a wedding, event, or just a Happy Hour to network with business associates, friends, and family. 
-Charlie Vienne-
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Executive Director of the SHSU Alumni Association

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This property is gorgeous. I love the mature trees out here. It makes it so you don’t have to decorate it as much, if you don’t want to. It is stunning in and of itself. That’s one of the big things that I like. Not only is it lush and green, but it’s also historic, so it gives you a little bit of character.
Dezarn Desgins

 I really like it, I have a thing for farms. This is just very peaceful. Mostly in Houston weddings that we do you go behind a gas station and there is this grand venue. But this is actually a standalone, pretty property. It’s very quaint, its homey, it’s classic. 
Rendered Moments

We love The Grand Texana, it’s so cute, it’s country elegance out here. I think our favorite feature are these trees all around the property, at night with them lit up they’ll just be gorgeous. That chapel is so cute, it’s so bright, and you can make whatever you want out of it. Today its blues, when we were here in March it was pinks, it looks really good. Y’all are kind of a one stop shop, you have the big barn here for the ceremony and receptions, the cottages for the wedding parties to get ready, the house where you can do rehearsal dinners and all types of parties there. You can book the venue, have your bridal shower, wedding and stay the night! Literally everything!
-Tori and Sandy-
Gingersnap Photocamper

The chapel, it’s so beautiful, no matter what colors florals we put in that room, it’s such a bright gorgeous place, I feel like it just glows. I love all the vibes, especially in here, where all the lights are at in the barn. You’ve got the house where people can stay at. How many venues offer that in such a close proximity. And that’s where you guys really have set yourself apart. And I love you guys, Jen loves you guys, FAUXTASTIC FLORAL CREATIONS wants to see this place become all the things that its magically supposed to be. All the flowers, the fields, its beautiful no matter where you look.
-Loren -
Fauxtastic Floral Creations

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